Sunday, July 1, 2007


The long waited African Unity is on the table now. The question is it possible Africa to unite? Yes, it is possible Africa to unite for the sake of their situation and the need to improve the need of their citizens. Africa is the only continental that is divided economically, and politically. However, the outcome depends on the future African State. It is not an easy task, bit it depends on how African leaders feels the unity. On the other hand, it is a legacy of the founding fathers. Therefore, if they do not agree, it at least revived what many great African leaders advocated.

If they do not agree what is the next step? The reality is that the democratized wealthy Europe could agree the unity; therefore, it is worth trying it. However, they should at least agree much better border crossing system, which allows African Citizens to freely cross border and buy or sell product anywhere they want. That would be a a much better reality that may come sooner than the much waited African One State. It is also the reality for the time being. The outcome of this meeting does not reflect the success or failure of this meeting. Currently, many countries are ruled by dictator, other countries are torn apart by civil war. These leaders have different values and views, but their conviction is to work on African Unity.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Which one would you like to be known a Dictators or Hero of Africa.

Africa’s leaders still have a chance to change their policy. The new leaders can adopt or choose from the successful governmental system in Asia and Europe. They should ask is corruption what made their economy stable and strong? O’Africa, the time has come to join the rest of the world’s good governmental system and free from corruption that works for their people’s future.

Involve the lives of the thousands of African students studying aboard and encourage them to work in the fields that became master. Do not categorize them as allied or non-allied. Respect them as the future Africa’s experts. Encourage them to come back and be part of the new development. Give other scholarships that are offered by the developed counties, do not west it. Let a bright student use it.

This will enhance the way you manage and it will create healthy and future-thinking societies that are free from corruption, ethnic, tribal, and clan orientated. It is you who is the leader, not me. You can make the difference and go the history as a HERO or you may end the same road with other dictators. The choice is yours, but relates with other. You can choose the wrong road, or the good road. Which one would you like to be known a Dictators or a Hero of Africa. The choice is yours.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Wars, Hunger, and Civil war is moral issue.

Africa is devastated by wars. Some believe these wars were inherited from colonies, others believe that it was inherited from the cold war. Whatever you believe, it may seem both ideas compelling ideas. However, the reality is that the cause is Moral issue that most of the leaders in Africa did not apply their rule.

Most of the wars today were created by ethnic, tribal, or clan problem build-up. This started the flames that you hear from Horn, central, and Western Africa today. It came from inequity, lack of justice, oppressing minorities or even ganging up one ethic, tribe, or clan to demise their rights.

Therefore, if African leaders want to change the Africa’s known image, which are wars, hunger, and inequality, let them apply their day-to-day work ethics. Of course, some of them started what they called eliminating corruption. However, they still employ the same force that used to enforce the school of corruptions.

Africa’s leaders still have a chance to change the course of ruling the continent. The new leaders also can apply the moral concept of other leaders in the world applied their governments. This is what we developed countries and it is what is helping the devolving ones as well. Africa, the time has come to join the rest of the world’s good government that works for the people’s future.